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A cult among the wanderlusts or the ‘Mecca’ for the thrill seekers, Leh Ladakh tour is the destination that can tempt anyone to ditch the rest of the world! Seated high in the lap of the Indian Himalayas, a trip to this paradise is an experience of one of its own kind and can satiate all your cravings for an adrenaline rush.

While most of the leisure seekers, honeymooners, nature lovers, or history enthusiasts usually book the many different Leh Ladakh packages, the adventure junkies plan their own Ladakh tourism. If you are among one of the thrill seekers and are yearning for the best of fun and excitement, here are some of the hacks or tips to plan a perfect Leh Ladakh tour on your own; time to embark on a magical adventure quest!

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How to Plan the Best Budget-Friendly Leh-Ladakh Tour Packages?

Perched at an astounding height of 3,000+m in the lap of the Indian Himalayas, reaching Ladakh can get a bit difficult at times. Adding more to this, there is always the extreme climatic condition that can make your trip even trickier. Keeping all these in mind, you should always plan your Leh-Ladakh tour package well in advance. Check out the hacks below to know more about how to plan the best budget-friendly Leh Ladakh packages.

1 Leh-Ladakh Tour by Flight

Located at around 3,256m above the sea level, the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh serves as the only airport in Ladakh. Owing to the location of the airport flights usually take-off from here or land only during the morning.

Also, since the number of airlines operating flights to Ladakh is quite a few, visitors must keep a close eye and try to book their air tickets at least six months prior to their travel date. Visitors can book a flight to Leh from cities like Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, and Chandigarh. Usually, Air India, Jet Airways, GoAir, and Air Vistara are the airlines that operated to and fro flights.

To note here, a one-way air ticket in your Leh Ladakh packages can cost around INR 16,000 during the usual seasons. On the other hand, if you happen to book tickets during the peak season, you might have to spend around INR 25,000 for one-way.

However, with us, you can always book the cheapest or most affordable flight tickets and add more to your Leh Ladakh tour. We also offer fixed departures to Ladakh; by booking our fixed departure Ladakh packages, you can always bring down your travel cost to the ‘Land of High Passes’.

2 Leh-Ladakh Tour Packages by Route Planning

In case, air-tickets sound too expensive while planning a Leh Ladakh tour, you can always visit this paradise by route planning. This will not only cut down your travel cost but will also allow you to enjoy the magical beauty of the vicinity while driving through the meandering trails and picturesque valleys.

There are several options of route planning and curate the most amazing Leh Ladakh packages.

  • A. Option 01 (with One-Way Flight Journey):
    • Flight to Srinagar
    • Drive from Srinagar to Leh(Srinagar-Leh Highway)
    • Fly from Leh to Your Onward Destination
  • B. Option 02 (with One-Way Flight Journey):
    • Flight/Drive to Manali
    • Drive from Manali to Leh (Manali-Leh Highway)
    • Fly from Leh to Your Onward Destination
  • C. Option 03 (with One-Way Flight Journey):
    • Flight from Delhi to Srinagar
    • Drive from Srinagar to Leh(Srinagar-Leh Highway)
    • Flight from Leh to Your Onward Destination
  • D. Option 04 (without Flight Journey):
    • Reach Manali
    • Drive from Manali to Leh (Manali-Leh Highway)
    • Drive from Leh to Srinagar
  • E. Option 05(without Flight Journey):
    • Drive from Delhi to Srinagar
    • Drive from Srinagar to Leh (Srinagar-Leh Highway)
    • Drive from Leh to Srinagar (Srinagar-Leh Highway)
  • F. Option 06(without Flight Journey):
    • Drive from Chandigarh to Manali
    • Drive from Manali to Leh (Manali-Leh Highway)
    • Drive from Leh to Srinagar (Srinagar-Leh Highway)
    • Drive from Srinagar to Jammu

3 Leh-Ladakh Tour Packages by Cost-Sharing

Cost-sharing is one of the convenient ways to reduce the cost of Leh Ladakh tour packages. You can start sharing the cost while driving to Leh, opting for sharing stay options, or booking the entire Ladakh tour in a group. While doing so, you save a lot on your trip, and would also get to mingle with co-travelers of different origin or from varied geographic locations.

4 Book Leh-Ladakh Tour Packages with Leh Ladakh tourism

We have our own fleet of jeeps and other 4×4 vehicles that are ideal for driving through the rugged trails of Ladakh. Whether from Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, or Srinagar, you can always book your Ladakh tour with us, and enjoy amazing discounts and offers on the tour.

5 Discounts on Hotel Bookings

Leh Ladakh Tourism is one of the most trusted and leading Ladakh tour operators in the country. With years of experience and an array of Leh-Ladakh tour packages, we also offer a wide range of value for money hotels in the Leh-Ladakh region. By booking your stay with us, you will be assured with multiple discounts even in the peak seasons.

Most of our Ladakh packages also include experienced guides, local instructors, selective meals, and several other add-ons. Booking your tour with us, you not only get to cut down the cost of your Leh Ladakh tour but also get to enjoy the tour like a local!

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